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Successful Adoptions !!!
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Buddy was adopted on June 14, 2003
by a wonderful family from Krum. Buddy is
one lucky dog with two vets in the family.
On the Monday after Buddy was adopted
he went to work with his “dad” and everyone
at dad’s veterinary clinic thought he was
absolutely adorable. Buddy has already
stolen “mom’s” heart and she thinks she
has a very smart little boy. After Buddy
goes off to school for a little training he
should become the perfect companion and
hopefully enjoy a long, contented life.
Rosie has been adopted!
See more photos of our wonderful adopted Labs in our Photo album
Lucy has found a forever home!
Chloe has been adopted by a young
family with an 8 year old daughter and
a 4 year old son and when last seen
she was swimming laps in her new
pool in Plano.
Velvet was adopted by a lovely couple
in Highland Park. Velvet has become the
queen of the household and she has full
run of the place. She has her own “special”
chair that she curls up in when she decides
it is nap time. Velvet is especially happy
where her mom and dad are visited by
their small grandchildren and she has
someone else to pay attention to her.
Callie was adopted into a wonderful
home with 3 young girls who adore her.
Callie is in doggie heaven when she
gets to go out into her beautiful yard
and swim with her family. Callie still
has many puppy traits and her adoptive
mom and dad will be sending her to
“school” for some formal training.
This training should make this already
wonderful dog even better. We wish
Callie and her new family the very best
and hope they enjoy many,
many happy years together.
Sunshine has been adopted!
Rex found a wonderful home in Dallas
that he shares with a 13 year old
black tomcat. Rex gets to go to the
dog park on a regular basis and enjoys
these outings with daddy Geoffrey.
At home Rex is pampered and showered
with all the love a lab could ask for.
Nikki our little wounded angel has been
adopted. A loving, young couple visited
with Nikki at one of our recent PETCO
booths and instantly fell in love with her.
They were able to look beyond her outward
appearance and see the loving, gentle
creature that just needed the right family
to welcome her into their home. Nikki now
lives with her adoptive parents and her
canine sister Mandy and basks in the
love, safety and companionship of a
“forever” home. Nikki will no longer be
subjected to the harsh world that treated
her with so much cruelty. Everyone at
Labrador Retriever Rescue of North Texas
rejoices at the outcome of this situation
and wish to thank from the bottom of our
hearts the family that opened their hearts
to this special needs angel. 

Check out more photos of Nikki's
new home in the Photo album.
Lady has a forever home, a big nice
one with a big pool!!!
"Nala aka Bailey"
Nala (now Bailey) was adopted by a
family with three children in Houston. 
She was severely undernourished when
she came into the program and a  recent
visit by a LRRNT Board member to her new
home showed that she has put on weight
and is now a perfect size 10.

Check out more photos of Nikki's
new home in the Photo album.
Allie was adopted after a very brief
time and is now living very happily in
Carrollton, Texas.  She was pulled from
the Arlington shelter on the day she
was scheduled for euthanasia.  The
shelter people just could not believe
that so many people came to look at
her, but passed her up.  They called us
and begged us to save her as she was
too wonderful of a dog to be put down. 
So now Allie, renamed Maggie has the
run of her new house and is in doggie
heaven enjoying the good life.
Pluto adopted him foster family! He loves them and they love him and so he will live happily ever after in Sanger, Texas!
Titus was adopted on April 12th by
an active young family and their
delightful 18 month old daughter
and he now lives close to White Rock
Lake in Dallas.
Chevy was adopted Saturday, April 5th
into a new family with two canine sisters.
Copper is seen here with his new dad
and his big brother Shadow upon his
arrival at his new forever home.
"Chance aka Trek"
Chance now known as TREK is shown with
his new mom. It was love at first sight.
TREK is his new mom’s jogging partner
and this lucky guy is enjoying life with a
black cocker spaniel named Meister and a
cat named Belgium. All three get along
just fine. TREK also lives with two little
girls who absolutely adore him. What
more could a guy ask for?
Rascal is one of Duchess' (aka Carmen)
puppies.  She was originally named
Godiva but has since been renamed
Rascal because of all the trouble she
gets into.  Rascal visited us at a Petco
Adoption booth today (March 29, 2003)
and she was 12 weeks old today, had
just gotten her second set of puppy
shot and weighted in at 26 pounds.

See more pictures of Rascal in our
Photo album.
Hannah has been adopted!
Molly has been a wonderful addition to
her forever family. She has settled right
in and made herself comfortable on the
tiles in front of the fireplace. Molly
keeps busy with obedience training
and walking twice a day, and she loves
to let you know when someone is at the
door. Molly went on her very first road
trip to Canada and Yellowstone National
Park in July(2003).
This delightful and lovable senior dog
is now living in Allen, Texas with a young
family with two small children.
This good-natured and totally well
adjusted gal has also found a neat
forever home in Mansfield, Texas.
All six of Duchess' (now Carmen's)
puppies have been adopted!

Many thanks to Deborah McVean for
rescuing Duchess from the interstate and for
giving her shelter and to Dorothy Budd and
her family for fostering the mother and the puppies for the past month and a half.

Note from one of the new families:
Our family adopted one of the lab puppies from you this weekend in Allen. We just
wanted you to know that we named him
Bear. He is adjusting well. The first night
he cried a lot.  Last night was much better.
For some reason, all this morning he has
been crying in his crate.  We have fallen
in love with him and look forward to
many years of joy.  Thank you.
Dixie was adopted today and will be joining a chocolate Lab over in Ft. Worth where she will be doted upon
and given lots of love!
Sugar has been adopted!  Sugar was
adopted today by a lovely family from Plano.  She will be sharing the spotlight with
another rescue dog who has been part of
the family for a few years.
Laci, a.k.a. Sheba,
has found a new forever home!!
Chloe has become the newest member of
a young family that met her at one of our
local PETCO booths and immediately fell
in love with her. While Chloe was finishing
up her scheduled vet visits to be spayed,
fully checked out, etc. her new family was
on a scheduled ski vacation. It is our
understanding that they were on pins and
needles while waiting to return and
welcome Chloe into their home. Chloe is
enjoying all the comforts and joys this
loving family can dote upon her. She is
especially happy in her new neighborhood
that has lots of other Labs for her to
become friends with.
"Duchess aka Carmen"
Duchess, now known as Carmen,
is now permanently with her new
"forever" family. Carmen was an
excellent mother to the six puppies
she presented to us, but they have all
been weaned now and have moved on
to their new families to start their own
life adventure. Carmen spent several
hours a day with her new family while
she was caring for her puppies as they
only live down the street from the
generous family who cared for momma
and her tiny brood. During that time
she learned to be a great leash dog
and use the crate like a real lady.
Carmen loves to play fetch, tug ball and enjoys playing Frisbee in the driveway.
She also adores her Kong ® toy filled
with peanut butter! She loves going for
rides in the car, and obeys commands
spoken in the softest voice. She was
renamed "Carmen" after the raven-haired
beauty of operatic fame, she is truly a
dramatic diva who has stolen the
hearts of her new family.
Maggie was adopted January 13th, 2003!
Maggie now known as Fuji found a loving home with a “forever” home in Allen. She shares her home with a beagle sister named Maggie, which explains the reason for the name change. Fuji has turned into a
wonderful loving addition to her new family. She is especially fond of water and is in
doggy heaven whenever she gets blow
dried after taking a bath.
Sigmund was adopted so quickly!!! 
He was pulled from the shelter
December 18th and in his new
forever home on January 2nd.  His rags
to riches story has warmed the hearts
of all those who have met him!
Bailey has been adopted!!!
Blaze has been adopted by a
family in Allen.
Seymour has been adopted by a young
family in Richardson.  He will be living
with little Samantha and three felines
named Booger, Tigger and Oliver.
Cocoa now called Rascal really hit
the jackpot. Not only did he find a
loving home that has a huge yard for
him to play in, but he found something
that few Labs can claim. Whenever
Rascal isn’t feeling well all he has to
do is go see his new mom. She is a DVM
and not only can she provide Rascal
with all the love and TLC that he needs,
she can also provide him with first
class personal medical care.
What more could a boy ask for?
Emmy has been adopted by a family in
Flower Mound.  When we last saw her she
was just drying off from swimming in a
lovely swimming pool with her new sister,
another chocolate Lab named Abby.
The third time is the charm! 
Sampson's original owner turned him
into the SPCA when he was about
8 months old because he was an outside
dog and was very destructive to the
yard.  His second owner adopted him
from the SPCA shortly thereafter and
he continued his life as an outside dog,
again wreaking havoc in the yard.  His owner surrendered him to LRRNT at 11 months.  Sampson became an "inside"
dog with his foster home and quickly learned house manners and how to
  navigate stairs.  He is a sweet boy
and just loves to be hugged and
cuddled.  He is now enjoying a forever home along with a cat named Victoria.
Dale was a 15 month old chocolate male
who weighed in at 98 pounds.   He had
attended obedience school and had good
house manners.  His owner had to work
increasingly longer hours so Dale spent
more than two thirds of his day in a crate.
Leaving him in the backyard didn't work
out.  He would dig out and then sit by
the gate waiting for his owner to come
home.  His owner decided that Dale needed
a better life so he is now living with a
family with a 7 and 9 year boy
and accompanies the family
wherever they go.
Duke is a 6 month old black Lab and another "outside" dog who entertained himself by chewing sprinkler heads and digging.  The owner was unwilling to bring the dog inside or to use a crate.  Within days Duke was placed with a
wonderful "forever home".
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